To enable all attendees with logical fault finding skills that can be applied using a multi-meter and LED test lamp on the IVECO EUROCARGO.


· S.O.E. (I.R.T.E.) Electronic Code of Practice (hazards and precautions).
· Manufacturers wiring diagrams and test procedures.
· Application of test meters and LED test lamps.
· E.C.U. general warnings.
· C. A.. N. line – efficiency tests.
· EDC /7 – injection system ECU checks and tests.
· Blink codes interpretation.
· Description only of Iveco specialist testers:
IT 2000.
IWT new generation complete fault finding tester.
· Immobilizer checks and tests.
· A.B.S. checks and tests.
· E.C.A. Suspension checks and tests.
· Fault finding techniques used to determine faulty components/connections within:
Engine Management Systems.
Electronic Braking Circuits.
· Computer fault controlled monitoring systems.
· Testing by means of “blink codes”.
· System “self testing”.
· Practical circuit testing using the multi-meter and LED test lamp.
· Ancillary/Auxiliary circuit and sensor testing using LED test lamp and multi-meter.
· Workplace/vehicle practical testing.
· Course review.

Additional Information:

Please bring your PPE.
Start: 08.45am for 09.00am